About us

About Us

Blue Insight is a specialist Business Intelligence Practice that has business users in mind. Our solutions provide social & collaborative BI so that you gain insight and make better decisions together.

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Telecommunication operators are savvy about the need to stay one step ahead of their competition; no other vertical market has to deal with so many competitors and yet so much raw data about its customers.

With our solutions, you can analyze those enormous volumes of raw data and optimize your competitive advantage. Analyze calling patterns, pricing tariffs and offer tailored packages to your customers to reduce customer churn. Optimize your processes, from initial customer contact and contract conclusion to account management and billing.

Make the link between the logistical and financial aspects of your network management and create integrated processes - from network planning to demand and warehouse planning through to investment and project management.

Areas where you can excel include:

  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Call center effectiveness
  • Customer journey
  • CDR analysis
  • Customer loyalty
  • Revenue assurance and optimization
  • Event modeling
  • Network planning and network lifecycle management
  • Real-time customer service

Innovative Solutions

Our solutions deliver a leading Discovery platform that enables users to explore live data, make discoveries and decisions, and solve business problems.

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Expert Services

We are dedicated to offer you a range of quality services to ensure that we are meeting your current & future analysis & reporting needs.

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World Leading BI Tools

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading software providers to deliver breakthrough Business Intelligence applications.

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