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BI that is easy to develop, share and consume
Mobile BI for anywhere, anytime access
Collaborative decision-making that delivers results

Yellowfin is your complete Business Intelligence platform. From data to dashboards Yellowfin delivers an amazing Collaborative BI experience.

Everybody claims ease of use, but Yellowfin actually defines the standard for everyone else. Our interface is more than beautiful. You’ll find the most advanced BI features, in the most logical places, all with point and click simplicity. You don’t have to learn a single line of SQL – now that’s making Business Intelligence easy.

Learn how Yellowfin can help you easily access, analyze and share data about your business with people that matter.


What will Yellowfin do for you?

Interactive dashboards

See your business at a glance. Combine all the data you need, from multiple data sources, into personalized real-time dashboards. Yellowfin’s interactive dashboards let you filter, drill to detail, and analyze right in a browser. With Yellowfin, you can go from data to dashboards in just hours; not days, weeks or months.

Sharing and collaboration

Imagine connecting the data, people, and creativity of your organization to help everyone make better business decisions. With Yellowfin you can. We do this by facilitating discussions and making your BI content incredibly easy to share. Embed your intelligence into wiki’s and company intranet for everyone to use and access.

Mobile BI - Your data anywhere, anytime

You will love Yellowfin’s mobile app. It combines outstanding collaborative features with great usability - simply swipe to browse dashboards and reports, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom. Our approach means that as soon as you create a report or dashboard, it's enabled on your favourite mobile device - no extra steps or development.

Proactive alerts & exception reporting

Real-time alerts let you know the moment something critical happens in your business. With Yellowfin it's so easy to create alerts that monitor your business data for you. Reports emailed, or alerts pushed, to your phone or iPad let you take immediate action.

Insightful data visualizations

Data visualization is not only a great way to present your data, but a powerful way to explore your data as well. Yellowfin lets you pick and change visualizations effortlessly so you can spot outliers and trends with ease. With 44 chart types - from sophisticated trellis charts, to popular line and metre charts - the right visualization is just a click away.

Your data mapped

More than 70% of your organizational data has a location component. Yellowfin’s award winning Location Intelligence puts your data on the map. Combine your BI with fully-integrated GIS mapping capabilities to visualize your spatial and BI data simultaneously. Yellowfin lets you query the ‘where’ as well as the ‘what and when’.

Rapid data analysis

Data analysis requires more than just basic filtering - you need to be able to explore your data. Yellowfin’s highly intuitive report builder lets you analyze your data in ways you didn’t think possible. Drill Down, Drill Through or Drill Anywhere - even across multiple data sources. We don’t put barriers between you and your data exploration.

A complete BI platform

Yellowfin is different. Unlike most BI products, we deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated platform. Yellowfin can be installed in an hour, and deployed to 1000s of users in seconds. From meta-data to dashboards, user security and scheduling, you’ll only ever interact with the one application. Yellowfin significantly reduces your training, deployment and administration costs.

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