About us

About Us

Blue Insight is a specialist Business Intelligence Practice that has business users in mind. Our solutions provide social & collaborative BI so that you gain insight and make better decisions together.

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Record-Breaking Analytical Database

High-Performance Analytics and Record Breaking
Action Engine for Big Data

The record-breaking Vectorwise database helps organizations take action on Big Data. Experience faster query performance using less hardware.

Analyze More Data Faster

When data volumes explode, traditional databases become slow and expensive. Vectorwise helps organizations analyze and monetize Big Data faster, yet requires less hardware and virtually no database tuning. Vectorwise delivers a generational leap in performance on commodity hardware by leveraging the latest features in modern CPUs. As a result, Vectorwise delivers record-breaking performance, price/performance and energy efficiency, all backed up by world-class support from Actian.

Faster Performance, Affordable Analytics

Vectorwise is the fastest and most cost-effective database for interactive reporting, data analysis and business intelligence. Vectorwise allows you to create BI projects faster, and gives BI users access to reports sooner. Empower end users to drill down into millions, or even billions of rows of data in just seconds. Unlock the potential of your data and turn insight into business value faster.

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Vectorwise Features

What Makes Vectorwise so FAST

How it Works

Vectorwise is a revolutionary database engine, designed from the ground up to leverage vector-based processing and on-chip memory. The result? Dramatically higher data processing rates compared to other relational databases.

Vectorwise Features

  • Vector Processing
    Single instruction performed on sets of data
  • On-chip cache computing
    100x faster to process data on chip cache than RAM
  • Column-based storage
    Minimize disk I/O by accessing only relevant data
  • Smarter compression
    Compression performed inside CPU for maximum throughput
  • Parallel execution
    Process statements in parallel using any number of CPU cores

Getting started with Vectorwise is easy

Vectorwise is available for both Linux and Windows. Connect to Vectorwise using JDBC, ODBC, .NET or the Vectorwise bulk loader. Connect to your preferred business intelligence front-end application and query your data using industry-standard SQL.

Vectorwise Project Architecture

Connect Vectorwise to any Business System or Enterprise Data Warehouse and load data using bulk or batch loading, and transform either before or after loading.

Vectorwise processes data so fast that in most cases you do not have to design and build a complex schema or spend time designing and tuning indexes or materialized views. Simply load data into Vectorwise and run queries faster.

Vectorwise Architecture

Vectorwise fits seamlessly into your data analytics and data warehousing infrastructure.

Innovative Solutions

Our solutions deliver a leading Discovery platform that enables users to explore live data, make discoveries and decisions, and solve business problems.

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Expert Services

We are dedicated to offer you a range of quality services to ensure that we are meeting your current & future analysis & reporting needs.

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World Leading BI Tools

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading software providers to deliver breakthrough Business Intelligence applications.

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